Small Knowledge Of Electric Bicycle Industry

- Mar 20, 2019-

  After more than 10 years of development, more and more people choose electric bicycle as a travel tool, and the government also advocates low-carbon travel, which makes the electric bicycle industry develop rapidly. There are many good and bad electric bicycles on the market. In order to make money, they do everything possible, resulting in many tragedies such as battery explosion of electric bicycles, so they choose to buy electric bicycles. Be sure to open your eyes and choose the vehicles produced by the manufacturers with quality assurance.


  So how to distinguish the quality of electric bicycle?


1. First of all, the most important part of the electric bicycle motor, a good motor can make you have strong power, so first look at the brand of the motor, to choose a large brand motor with quality assurance. At present, the market of high-quality motor is brushless motor, its main characteristics are low running sound, high conversion rate.


2. Next is the battery, a good battery has a certificate of qualification and a long enough warranty period, large capacitance, suitable voltage and current, if it is still a big brand battery, it would be better, if it is a battery of poor quality, there will be a lot of virtual electricity, the actual use of electricity is rapidly reduced, charging process is prone to explosion, very dangerous.


3. Then the most important point is that riding must be comfortable and suitable for oneself, otherwise buying is just uncomfortable, so it's better to go to a shop that can test-ride, which is more reassuring, and the quality guarantee and maintenance are also convenient.