Battery Maintenance Of Electric Bicycle

- Mar 27, 2019-

Battery is one of the core of electric vehicle, so charging must be done well. A good charging habit can make your electric bicycle more durable.


Because neither lead-acid nor lithium batteries have memory effect, charging a little and recharging often can keep the battery in a shallow cycle state, which is conducive to delaying the cycle times and prolonging its life.


Charging time, generally controlled in 8-10 hours, when charging to avoid high temperature, such as just riding back, to wait for the temperature of the battery to drop point recharge, not in the sun charging, try to put in a cool garage. If the temperature of the battery is over 60 degrees, do not continue charging.


  Batteries are usually maintained at more than 30% of their capacity. If they are not used for a long time, they are charged separately every month to supplement their capacity. When riding a bicycle, we should avoid carrying too much load, try our best to promote the steep slope, and do not accelerate rapidly in an instant. These actions will cause large current discharges, which will have a greater impact on the life of batteries