2019 Zenith (Saneagle) Fire Drill

- Feb 26, 2019-

Fire drill 

Our company is making a concerted effort to spread information on fire safety. But as Zuo Huiming discovers, preventing fires is more than just a one day job.


Fire drills are set to be a regular occurrence today as our company looks to raise awareness of fire prevention techniques. But for ZNH (Saneagle) fire prevention is an everyday responsibility. Everyone in our factory has a high sense of fire fighting, and our factory has never had a major fire since its foundation.

Do you know how to use a fire extinguisher?

All of us can use the fire extinguisher.Today we had a fire drill, and each of us trained carefully.

fire drill

Su Qinghao, a manager of our factory in China, said, "We must check all our equipment regularly to weed out ageing wires. We also check trash cans and other areas for smoldering cigarettes."

Our company is equipped with more than one hundred fire extinguishers and organizes fire drills every three months.

"Today is a worthwhile exercise in raising awareness of safety techniques. But just one day a year isn’t a long-term solution, and the event hopes to make fire prevention an important part of everyone’s daily life."