Which travel mode is more environmentally friendly

- Apr 11, 2019-

Now people are getting better and better, the traffic is getting more and more convenient, and there are not many families with cars.

Traffic travel is an indispensable part of modern people’s daily lives.

But everyone may have a negative impact on the environment because of their own travel.

With the promotion of low-carbon environmental protection concepts, we can't wait to protect the environment, and people are more and more inclined to choose green travel.

Which way is more environmentally friendly? There are many ways to travel in green. Walking, cycling, green transportation, new mobility tools, etc. There is always a new era for you to start a new era of green travel.


Fast walking disease prevention

Persevere in walking fast every day, can effectively fight diabetes, reduce stroke, prevent dementia, etc., every 40 to 60 minutes, raise your chest, tummy hips, crank swing

Go backwards and treat back pain

Walking backwards can effectively alleviate physical fatigue and back pain. Old people should not go backwards, try to choose a smooth road, walk for half an hour every day, and make the muscles fully exercised.



Develop the brain, improve physical fitness, lose weight and reduce stress

electric bicycle


Small footprint, economical and environmentally friendly, efficient and convenient, and cheap

Public transit

As a mass-type vehicle, buses can carry more passengers than cars, reduce fuel consumption and have less pollution to the air.

A tram is a public transport, also known as a streetcar, which is a type of light rail. Light rail vehicle that is powered by electricity and travels on the track

New generation tool

Electric skateboard is suitable for zero-based novices. It can be used directly for electric riding. It can be used for electric riding. It can also be controlled by Bluetooth. It is suitable for various road surfaces.


Electric scooter Based on the traditional skateboard, plus the four-wheeled vehicle of the power kit, it is generally divided into two-wheel drive and single-wheel drive.