What is the difference between mountain bikes and regular bikes

- Mar 29, 2019-

Nowadays, with the changes of the times, ordinary bicycles can no longer meet the needs of people, and mountain bicycles are gradually becoming popular.

Mountain bikes are no longer patents for certain young people, whether they are ordinary students or office workers or retired seniors.

They have joined the ranks of mountain biking. However, the problem of riding more people is coming, and the price of mountain bikes is uneven.

So, how many thousands of dollars of mountain bikes are better than a few hundred dollars of mountain bikes?

mountain bike

First of all, high-end cars and low-end cars are different in material. The materials used in thousands of mountain bikes are aluminum or carbon fiber. These two materials are not only light weight but also rust, but hundreds of mountains. The car will use cheap steel because it takes into account the cost. Steel has two disadvantages compared to aluminum or carbon fiber.

One is self-important, it will be more difficult in the process of riding, and the second is easy to rust. Usually, it is necessary to pay attention to rust removal, which is more troublesome.

The second point is that the biggest difference between mountain bikes and ordinary bicycles is that they can be shifted according to the actual situation. The transmission materials of hundreds of mountain bikes are all made of steel. The fingering is plastic, and the strength and precision can be imagined.

Thousands of mountain bike transmissions are made of aluminum, and the aluminum alloy is also used for fingering. The precision, strength and weight are excellent.

The third point, the brakes, the brakes are very important parts, hundreds of mountain bikes are using V brakes or disc brakes, V brakes and disc brakes are low cost, and easy to maintain,

But it is very easy to lock, more obvious in the case of water, and thousands of mountain bikes use hydraulic disc brakes.

The hydraulic disc brakes are light in weight, making the mountain bike more flexible, not easy to lock, and high in strength, but it requires frequent maintenance.