What are the advantages of cycling

- Dec 06, 2019-

Cycling can also prevent high blood pressure, sometimes more effective than drugs. It can also prevent obesity, vascular sclerosis, and make the skeleton strong. Bicycles keep you healthy without drugs, and they are harmless.

Bicycle is a tool to lose weight. According to statistics, people who weigh 75 kg can lose half a kilogram of weight at 9.5 miles per hour and 73 miles per hour, but they must keep it up every day.

Cycling can not only lose weight, but also make your body more symmetrical and charming. People who lose weight through exercise, or who exercise while dieting, are better and more attractive than those who only diet first. I don't know how to describe "more charming", but in fact, the strong muscles brought by sports and the small ankles made by cycling are much better than the haggard and blue muscle diet!

Proper exercise can produce a hormone, which makes you open-minded and happy. From experience, we can know that cycling can produce this hormone.

In fact, because cycling compresses blood vessels, accelerates blood circulation, and the brain takes in more oxygen, you take in more fresh air. After riding for a while, you'll find your mind clearer.

You will feel very free and pleasant when riding this kind of biking bicycle which relies on your own body force. It is not only a kind of weight-loss exercise, but also an exile of spiritual pleasure