The main functions of the electric bicycle controller are as follows

- Dec 27, 2019-

The main functions of the electric bicycle controller are as follows:

1. Drive motor rotation

2. Change the driving current of the motor under the control of the rotating handle, so as to realize the adjustment of the motor speed.

3. Under the control of the brake handle, cut off the output current to realize power-off braking and speed control

4. Detect the voltage of the battery, and display the voltage and quantity on the controller panel or instrument to remind the driver of the remaining electricity to facilitate the planning of the trip. When the voltage is lower than a certain value, send the signal to the comparator through the sampling resistance, and the circuit outputs the protection signal, so that the protection point circuit sends out the command according to the preset program to cut off the current to protect the charging Purpose of the battery.

5. Over current protection: when the current is too high, carry out circuit protection to make the motor stop running and avoid harm to the motor and controller caused by over current. In addition, some controllers also have the functions of anti runaway protection and speed limit during patrol.