The difference between mountain bikes and road bikes

- Mar 29, 2019-

The difference between mountain bikes and road bikes

In recent years, cycling activities have gradually gained popularity, and many people have gradually joined the cycling family.

Many novices do not know how to make a bicycle choice when choosing a bicycle, and often tangled between road bikes and mountain bikes.

For cycling, it is important to have your own bike. Because it suits your bike, you can not only get a better riding experience, but also reduce your own discomfort during riding.

So what are the advantages and disadvantages of mountain bikes and road bikes? When choosing a bicycle, how should we choose the type of bicycle that suits you? Let me share it with you.

speed mountain bike

1. Mountain bikes Due to their own design reasons, mountain bikes are suitable for many road conditions, even some poor road conditions. Mountain bikes are more suitable for road vehicles.

The mountain bike's own body design is also very solid, and the threshold for getting started with a mountain bike is low, not as high as a road bike.

2, mountain bike is not only suitable for mountain road riding, but also with the road. Some riders have such misunderstandings that mountain bikes are generally suitable for mountain biking, but this is not the case.

Like mountain bikes, there are all-road mountain bikes, not even worse than road cars.

3, although the mountain bike is also suitable for road cycling, but for the real road overlord - road car, many aspects are often not comparable, especially the speed advantage. The weight of a mountain bike is generally heavier than a road bike.

4. The tires of mountain bikes are also wider than road bikes. It is for this reason that mountain bikes are more suitable for road conditions than road vehicles, but when riding, the riding resistance is relatively large, that is, the difference in speed.

Between mountain bikes and road vehicles, one is suitable for many road conditions, one is the advantage of speed and light weight, each has its own advantages.

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