Next Station- Canton fair,ZENITH wating for you

- Mar 29, 2019-

The bicycle industry is Taiwan's dominant industry. It not only has advantages in design and creativity, but also forms a complete industrial chain system in the upper, middle and lower reaches.

The Taipei International Bike Show is Asia's largest bicycle show and one of the world's top three bicycle professional exhibitions. It is an important procurement platform that many buyers must visit every year.

ZENITH attend the exhibition, many guests like our products .Some guests rode our e-bikes and thought highly of our products. Of course, they also gave us a lot of good Suggestions.The exhibition is coming to an end. You may have never tried our products.Maybe you can try our products in person at the coming Canton fair.We believe that our products will not let you down, we look forward to your arrival.

moutain bike

If you are interested in our products eg:speed bike,ebike,mountain bike, you can book an CARTON FAIR  appointment directly through the or email us so that we can better serve you.