Multi-purpose mountain bike introduction

- Apr 24, 2019-

The multi-purpose mountain bike mountain bike is used for mountain bike activities and often rides between the city and the mountain road.Designed by people in the car. Although its body does not need to have a particularly strong body like a mountain bike, it still has to meet the requirements of sturdiness. The paint of the car body must be good to fight the scraping, cutting, rubbing and bumping in the city. Because you have to adapt to the road in the city, you may also need to add shelves and fenders. Most of its body is made of steel, and it is also made of aluminum alloy, but it is still made of steel.

The mountain bikes that mountain bikers ride have long been the same as the mountain bikes that are used for cross-country races. They only have longer shock absorbers on the front forks. Almost all downhill race knights choose a mountain bike, which has a shock absorber that extends at least 6 inches and is more than 10 to 15 pounds (5-8 kg) more than a typical off-road mountain bike. The body used in the downhill race must be very strong, because the collision force when going downhill will be transmitted from the front fork to the frame. The ordinary mountain bike can't bear it, and even the frame will be broken. Under the premise, weight is not the main consideration for downhill mountain bikes, and sturdiness is important.