Mountain bike development prospects

- Apr 24, 2019-

The focus of the world bicycle industry is shifting from traditional transport vehicles to sports, mountain and leisure. In the developed countries of the United States, Europe and Japan, bicycles are a common sport, fitness, leisure and entertainment products. 

The annual demand for bicycles in the world is huge. According to the statistics of Japan's CYCLEPRESS, the bicycle demand in the world has remained at the level of 106 million units, and the annual turnover of bicycles is about 5 billion US dollars. Due to industrial characteristics and labor cost factors, the global bicycle manufacturing industry has shifted to China-based industries and regions with industrial manufacturing advantages in the past 15 years. By 2013, China is still the largest bicycle production base for bicycles in the world. The number of complete vehicle production plants and spare parts production plants has reached more than 500 and 700 respectively. The world's top five manufacturers are mainly in China. With the increase in the income level of people around the world, the global bicycle demand will further expand. With the further structural upgrading of bicycles, it will bring more profit to the participants of the industry, and the development prospects of the Chinese bicycle industry will be even more broad.