how to ride an electric bike

- Apr 25, 2019-

Nowadays, many working families do not have the level of consumption to drive private cars, but the fast pace of work and life must be efficient and efficient, so electric vehicles run.

Electric bikes are in line with people's consumption level, and they are fast and convenient, which is a good choice for transportation.

1. Buy a new electric car and find a flat open space about 40 meters wide and about 20 meters wide. (Small is also available). Learn to promote electric vehicles. The speed should be 6-8km when driving. Learn how to brake your left hand. Note that you can't fall sideways, the time is about 1 day (slowly up to 2 days). It is very labor-intensive, and you can study again after a while.

2. Stop the electric car and support the support frame. First, turn the electric door to the slow gear (low speed gear), the left hand gently hold the brake, and the right hand gently twist the electric door to accelerate (try the acceleration method). After the left hand test Wheel, watch the braking effect, familiar with it, master the acceleration skills, not to accelerate, the key is to accelerate from small to large, the control speed is about 5km.

The time is about half a day. More physical, rest and study for a while.


3, test stand, double fork, try to accelerate the electric door, the left hand pay attention to pinch the brake handle to prevent falling, mainly for rollover, the speed should be controlled below 5km, to find a sense of balance. Occasionally, there is a sense of balance on the flat or downhill (slightly inclined), the key body is sitting upright, sitting straight, hands clasped in the direction of the handle (try not to swing to find balance), about 2 days, up to 3-4 days.

The characteristics are very physical, and you can study after a while, and you may have pain in your legs.

4, after the power-up skills are very skilled, the speed is controlled as much as possible between 12-15 km, the speed is already very fast, basically have a sense of balance, the feet can be lifted off the ground and slightly clamped on both sides (not placed on the pedal ), the key hands clasped the handle, the body is sitting straight, the eyes are looking straight ahead, then there is a special sense of balance, you can circle a lot of dams, and learn the method of turning left or right, the angle can not be too small, easy Side down, about 2 days.

It takes a lot of effort and you can study again after a while.

5, focus on learning left or right turn method (because of a turning method has been learned before), while learning to sing left and right turn lights, headlights, small light switches, learn to be proficient, one hour can basically learn to turn left or left, but unskilled, the best speed is between 10-12 km, and then gradually rise to 12- 15km speed. At each stage, pay attention to the brakes, which is the life brake. The time is about 2 days, and the slowest is only 3 days. More laborious, not tired before.

6, the feet can be placed on the pedals, the left and right turns are more comfortable, the balance can be controlled within 15 kilometers, no big Obstruction, and at the same time learn to horn, turn left and right. This stage has a certain difficulty in turning at a speed of 15-20 km. It is easy to balance at a speed of 10-15 km/h, but it is more difficult under 10 km. The time is about 2 days.

7. After driving at a low speed on a small road of 2 meters and turning flexibly, practice practicing hiding, avoiding, pressing the horn, turning the left and right lights, front brake handle, and rear brake handle. After being skilled, you can drive on the road. Driving on a wide road is sure to be smooth, without any problems, and practice on a narrow road.