How to judge a bicycle 2

- Mar 16, 2020-

After looking at the frame, the next step is to look at the accessories

Generally speaking, the main parts of a bicycle are wheels, power system, brake system and transmission system

One of the most important components of wheels is a pair of wheels, with flower drum, spoke and rim, and the most important part is flower drum.

Flower drum, commonly known as "flower drum bucket", is the bucket connecting spokes outside the shaft, usually also known as the shaft skin.

Seeing that some people here are still confused and don't know what the flower drum is, then emphasize the importance of the flower drum here - without the flower drum, you can't even set up the wheel. Even if you still don't understand what it is, at least I think you should know its importance.


In addition to connecting each spoke, the flower drum of the hard tailed mountain bike has two important functions - embedding the variable speed flywheel of the mountain bike and providing the disc installation device.