How to choose an electric bike for teenagers

- Mar 29, 2019-

Electric bicycles are favored by students in their convenience, environmental protection, and zero congestion.

Then, for the students in school, as a white acquaintance of “0” common sense, how to choose a “safe and durable” electric bicycle?

Today, ZENITH give you some tips:

First of all, according to the demand, the electric bicycles of the selected models are divided into portable and simple models, and if there are no excessive requirements for functions, speeds, and loads,

It is only a simple step, so it is recommended to choose a simple model; if there is a manned or cargo demand, or if there is a requirement for speed, it is recommended to choose electric motorcycle.

Both models have their own advantages and disadvantages, and the simple models are light and inexpensive. The electric motorcycle has a high configuration and is more comfortable.

It is not easy to judge which model is better, only which model is more suitable for you. Of course, no matter which model, it is the right solution to choose a more durable and durable.

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Second, tailored, choose configuration

Motors, batteries, controllers, and chargers are called the four major components of electric vehicles.

The motor is the power source of the electric bicycle, which affects the power output of the vehicle.

When purchasing an electric bicycle, you cannot simply look at the motor power, and you need to know the parameters such as magnetic steel parameters and magnetic flux.

Generally speaking, the larger the magnetic flux, the greater the motor power.

As a key factor affecting battery life, the battery affects the price of electric vehicles to some extent.

The mainstream electric bicycle batteries currently on the market include 48V, 60V and 72V. The higher the endurance requirement, the more expensive the price. Is it expensive?

If you choose the right one, then you need your own friends to be your own.

The small series of electric bicycles suggest you: any electric vehicle manufacturer does not produce batteries, and mainstream battery manufacturers are usually only those brands.

Therefore, it is recommended that you choose the one that suits your needs according to your actual needs.