History of MTB

- Dec 27, 2018-

The mountain bike is a bicycle specially designed for cross-country (hills, trails, wilderness and sandy gravel trails, etc.) and was born in 1977 in San Francisco on the West coast of the United States. At the time, a group of young people keen on beach bikes playing on the slopes had a whim: "It must be very interesting to be able to fly down the mountain on a bicycle." "The design of the cross-country bike was started, and it was two years after it was officially named mountain bikes. Since then, "fast drop athletic" as a sports competition in a new project onset foot, athletes riding mountain bikes along the prescribed downhill line high-speed downhill, speed fast for the win, attracted a large number of enthusiasts. Although bicycles began in Europe, the mountain bikes invented by Americans swept through the traditional concept of cycling and blew a new style all over the world.

Now it has been popular with more and more young Chinese, and the sport of becoming a healthy fashion has been welcomed