Features of MTB

- Dec 27, 2018-

The main characteristics of mountain bikes are: wide tires, straight, with front and rear damping, riding more comfortable. Wide and multi-toothed tires provide grip, with shock absorbers absorbing shock. In recent years, the application of shock absorber has become the standard, and the vehicle before and after damping is becoming more and more popular Some mountain bikes are starting to use the pair, but the angle of the upward turn has become fashionable.

In DH car more than 800mm of the horizontal has been more common.

Mountain bikes, with a large stiffness, flexible walking and other characteristics, ride do not have to choose the road, whether the street roaming or leisure walk have been widely praised, riders can enjoy a variety of road environment to indulge in comfortable riding fun.

Mountain bikes, because of its sturdy, rugged, novel appearance, colorful colors, superior riding performance, quickly become the urban youth pursuit of fashion [4].

Mountain bikes, all kinds of parts are different from ordinary bicycles, with cushioning effect, good seismic performance of the tires, strong and strong material stiffness of the frame, not easy to fatigue hand and even in the steep ramp can also ride the transmission, etc., so that mountain bikes are more suitable for cross-country, outing travel. Mountain bikes, the speed is generally 11 speed, 18 speed, 20 speed, 21 speed, 24 speed, 27 speed and 30 speed.

The correct use of transmission, can cope with the flat road, up and down slope, dirt road, wind and other complex road conditions and climate, more rapid and labor-saving than ordinary bicycles. Long-distance riding, should change the speed converter in due course, give full play to the special features of mountain bikes. Generally speaking, should be a slight sense of strength is appropriate, if you feel a bit "empty", you should immediately change the high-speed ratio, on the contrary, if the feeling is a bit of a struggle, should be replaced by a low-speed ratio.

If you can Beckham repair technology, riding a mountain bike feels like a king, in the era of cars as the main means of transport, riding mountain bikes to embrace nature, both relaxed mood, and exercise, become a new favorite of leisure