Electric mountain bike, more interesting than imagined

- May 15, 2019-

Although electric mountain bikes are unlikely to replace traditional mountain bikes in a certain sense, they offer a new type of riding.

If we have not tried to ride an electric mountain bike, there will be some misunderstandings about it.

Some people think that this is contrary to the basic pedaling principle of bicycles, which will make the riding less pure.

However, in terms of riding efficiency, electric mountain bikes are undoubtedly much higher than traditional mountain bikes.

Especially for those who like wild adventures, electric mountain bikes can make them go faster and further.

28 inch ebike

Nowadays, many vehicle brands have launched electric mountain bikes, and the accessories market is very mature. The vast majority of mountain electric vehicles are designed with center-mounted motors.

The advantage of this design is that it does not damage the balance of the vehicle, which is really important for mountain bikes. As for battery storage design, from hidden to external.

Unlike a traditional battery car,

The electric mountain bike will give some help through the rider's riding state. According to the torque and the cadence comprehensive data,

Then the arithmetic processing gives the output power, and some models also have the power output mode adjustable option.