Electric Bicycle Riding Tips

- Apr 13, 2019-

  1. The front and rear brakes of electric bicycles should be checked and adjusted before use.

  The adjustment of front and rear brakes is suitable for reliable braking when the left and right brake handle reaches half of the stroke. The brake skin is excessively worn and worn. It should be replaced in time. The mechanical disc brake also needs regular maintenance.

  2. The battery after discharging should be replenished in time.

  Do not hold for more than 12 hours. Long-term power shortage will lead to irreducible reactions of chemical substances inside the battery, resulting in reduced capacitance and affecting battery life.

 3. The lubrication of the chain should be checked before the electric bicycle is used.

  Hand feel and observe whether the chain axis rotation is flexible and whether the chain pit corrosion is serious. If rust or rotation is not flexible, proper amount of lubricating oil should be added, and chain should be replaced seriously.