Electric Bicycle Riding Tips

- Apr 02, 2019-

1. Do not expose to the sun or rain for a long time when the electric vehicle is parked, so as to avoid the failure of the operation caused by the damage of the internal components of the controller.

        2. Speed control handles should be lightly rotated and lightly put in use, and no hard rotation is needed. Cruise speed switch is the best choice for 1:1 power brushed bicycle.

        3. When riding in rainy days, we should try our best to avoid the wetting of switch and electrical connection plug-in, and prevent leakage and short circuit.

        4. Contacts exposed to the outside (including triangular sockets) are electrified. It is strictly forbidden to contact both positive and negative poles with hands or metal objects at the same time.

       5. A high-quality and matched charger is the key to the long-term use of batteries. Therefore, it is necessary to store the charger well and not carry it with the car, so as to prevent the change of charger parameters caused by bumps, which affects the charging efficiency and reduces the use of batteries.