Electric bicycle market development trend

- Apr 25, 2019-

The vitality of a product lies in its constant innovation to meet the changing market needs. In the process of continuous innovation and development, the electric bicycle market has seen some new development features, which are manifested in the following aspects:

The evolution of electric bicycles

With the maturity and development of technology, electric bicycles have developed some new products, such as electric motorcycles with increased power, and electric tricycles have been developed to meet the demand of pulling goods, in order to pursue ride comfort. There have also been electric four-wheelers, and there are various products such as tourist cars for increasing the range of electric vehicles.

lithium battery

At present, the batteries used in electric bicycles on the market are mainly lead storage batteries, and the lead storage batteries are easily accepted by consumers because of the low manufacturing cost. Although the lithium battery has the advantages of small size, long life, and large unit capacity compared with lead batteries, its cost is high, and the use of lithium batteries is much less. According to reports, the use of lithium battery electric bicycle products is less than 10%. With the continuous advancement of lithium battery technology and the continuous decline in manufacturing costs, as well as the increased safety of lithium batteries, the use of lithium batteries will increase.

Internet of Things technology application

The development of new products and new technologies has also enabled electric bicycles to incorporate more new elements such as GPS, GPRS, MEMS, BLE and so on. GPS can locate vehicles, GPRS can realize vehicle networking, MEMS can detect vehicle movement status, and BLE can be connected with smart phones. With the new elements of the Internet of Things can provide users with more personalized products.

Sharing electric bike

This is another innovation of electric bicycles. Electric vehicles are no longer products for individual consumers. They are a service based on the networked operation platform of products, and products are services.

Electric bicycle industry chain

 The electric vehicle industry chain has matured and the industry segmentation is more obvious.