E-bike tips

- Nov 23, 2019-

Do the batteries have to be recharged with photoelectricity?

The life of lead-acid battery and lithium battery is related to the number of charge and discharge. The number of cycle charge and discharge of ordinary maintenance free lead-acid battery is about 500 times. However, if the battery is fully recharged, the life will be shortened. Therefore, the lead-acid battery should guarantee a certain amount of electricity, which will guarantee the life of the battery instead.

02 is the electric vehicle tyre self repairing liquid tube used?

The biggest function of tyre filling fluid is to block the wound of vacuum tyre. Generally, small breach less than 1cm can be used, too big and useless. In addition, if tires and rims are soaked in chemical liquid for a long time, chemical damage will be caused.

03 what is the black arrow on the electric tyre?

If you look closely at the electric car tyres you just bought, you will find that there are black arrow marks on the tyres. In fact, the black arrow indicates that you should install the tire in the direction indicated by the arrow when replacing the tire. If it is installed reversely, it will accelerate the wear of the tire, reduce the braking distance, and cause accidents.

Why can 04 electric car tire walk on the nail board?

Many businesses will use pin boards when demonstrating electric vehicles. Electric vehicles will ride on them, and the tires will not break. In fact, there are two reasons. The first nail is very dense, forming a certain area; the second nail is not so sharp. And our consumers still need to avoid driving nails into the tires.

Is there an electric car that generates electricity by itself?

At present, the so-called self generating electric vehicles in the market are all fooling people! According to the law of conservation of energy, an external force or other energy must be applied to generate electric energy. If the electric vehicle can generate electricity by itself, it means that the electric vehicle has a small power generation device. In fact, there are many scams about self generation.

06 can battery repair extend battery life?

Battery repair can only solve a small number of problems. For example, the battery is just dehydrated and passivated by sulfurization, which can be repaired. However, if the battery is seriously bulging or deformed, or the lead powder of the battery plate is seriously peeling off, it cannot be repaired again.