Cycling tips

- Nov 20, 2019-

1. Drive in sequence in the non motor vehicle lane, and do not enter the motor vehicle lane. On the road without dividing the non motor vehicle lane, try to drive on the side as much as possible, not riding in the middle of the road, not several vehicles in parallel, driving in the opposite direction.

2. When cycling to the intersection, take the initiative to let the motor vehicle go first. Stop within stop line or crosswalk line in case of red light. It is forbidden to run through the red light by pushing or bypassing. When the bicycle is running, you can't rush when the distance between you and the coming car is 15 meters, and it's safer when the distance is more than 25 meters.

3. When cycling around the corner, reach for a sign. When turning to the left, extend your left hand; at the same time, choose to turn when there is no traffic at the front and back, and never turn sharply or violently when the motor vehicle is approaching, so as to scramble for the road.

4. Riding bicycles is not allowed to chase each other, zigzag driving, and support each other on the road.

5. Keep a clear mind when riding a bicycle at night, especially when riding on a road without a dedicated non motorized lane, drive within 1.5m of the right side of the road.

6. When you are going to fall when cycling, it is better to fall simply than to keep your balance. Self protection is ignored because of the balance, which often leads to serious contusion, dislocation or fracture. In the event of an accident, the car is quickly thrown away and people fall to the other side. Touch the ground with most of your body as much as possible.