Battery Selection Essentials

- Dec 27, 2018-

AGM battery has the advantages of low cost and large discharge current, but it has the advantages of narrow working temperature range, easy water loss of battery and runaway heat, while gel battery has high cost, but it has the disadvantages of stable performance, wide operating temperature range, resistance to overcharge discharge, long life and so on. Because the electric bicycle battery in most cases belongs to the high current, the deep circulation discharge, therefore, the electric bicycle battery is more suitable to choose the colloidal battery.

Colloidal battery has a strong anti-discharge capacity and strong electro-hydraulic preservation capacity, to avoid the impact of over-discharge on the battery, as well as due to the loss of battery water caused by heat loss of control phenomenon.

Various brands of lead-acid batteries charging characteristics are basically the same, but due to the manufacturers of battery material formulation, electrolyte concentration and content are different, its charging voltage also has a certain difference, therefore, strictly speaking, should be based on the specific requirements given by the battery production plant to determine the battery charging voltage scheme, otherwise easy to cause the use of the battery improperly.

The output power of the electric bicycle motor should match the rated power of the battery, so to extend the service life of the battery, the motor power of the electric bicycle should be less than the rated power of the battery, so as to avoid the battery working under full load or overload condition for a long time.